University Extension Programs – A Great Source of Nutrition Information

Throughout the United States, major land grant universities have Extension programs that provide valuable education to the local community.  Many people are unaware that Extension programs exist - which is a shame since they are an excellent source of nutrition information as well as provide information on gardening, food safety, natural resources, and 4-H Youth programs.  Check out CSU Extension if you have time – it is a good example of what Extension websites have to offer.  In general, if you Google “Extension” and “edu” you’ll find loads of Extension websites.  Please note that I do not work for Extension nor is this blog a paid advertisement.  I simply love Extension programs!


Preventing Listeriosis during Pregnancy

If you are a woman between 18 – 45 years of age and are either currently pregnant, have been pregnant within the past 5 years, or are planning to become pregnant, then CSU needs your feedback on an educational video regarding prevention of Listeriosis during pregnancy (which foods to avoid, etc).  It is only 3 minutes long and there is a short evaluation survey to complete afterwards.  Here’s the video.  


Online Food Preservation Classes

For those of you who want to take advantage of your extra garden veggies and fruits, there is an online food preservation class that Extension is offering the week of June 21, 2009.  If you are interested, be sure to contact them soon since registration for the class is required.  Here is there contact information for this class: 

  • CSU Extension of Boulder County
  • 9595 Nelson Rd, Box B
  • Longmont, CO 8/0501
  • Fax:  303-678-6281.  Email:



High Altitude Canning

From June 25, 2009 – July 11, 2009, Extension is also offering classes on high altitude canning of jam, jelly, fruit, salsa, and pickles.  Classes are held in Longmont and Littleton.  This is an especially useful class to learn how to can safely at altitude, given the lower boiling point at higher elevation.  Contact information:  CSU Extension of Boulder County at 303-678-6238, and CSU Extension of Arapahoe County at 303-730-1920.



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  1. Debbie
    This is from Debbie Davis: I’m more of a book reader (and writer!) NPR Talk of the Nation on Wednesday 6.10.09 did a spot on Michael Pollen’s new book, “In Defense of Food.” (He is also the author of “Omnivore’s Dillemma.”) Fascinating. My favorite tip: If a food won’t rot, don’t eat it. Think Twinkies and other extended shelf-life processed food products. When bacteria and fungus, who have evolved along with humans, won’t consume it, you shouldn’t either.