Trying to go organic? Don’t assume Walmart has the best prices!

I have read that Walmart carries organic foods so I decided to check out their organic milk prices at my local store in Lafayette, Colorado. I was shocked. The price of organic milk for both branded and store brand organic milk was far more expensive at Walmart than at the other local supermarkets in my area. Holy cow! What’s up with the pricing of organic milk at Walmart?

Here's a mini price comparison for Wednesday, April 6, 2011. Prices come from the Walmart and King Soopers in Lafayette, Colorado (zip code 80026) and from Whole Foods in Superior, Colorado (zip code 80027).

Horizon Dairy Organic Skim Milk

Walmart:  $6.88/Gallon, $3.94/Half Gallon

Whole Foods:  (doesn’t carry gallon), $2.89/Half Gallon

King Soopers/Kroger:  $5.29/Gallon, $2.99/Half Gallon

Store Brand Organic Skim Milk

Walmart (Great Value):  $6.18/Gallon, $3.22/Half Gallon

Whole Foods (365):  $5.29/Gallon, $2.79/Half Gallon

King Soopers/Kroger:  $4.69/Gallon, $2.69/Half Gallon

Wow – quite a difference in the price of organic milk. As you can see above, Walmart is significantly more expensive than both Whole Foods and King Soopers.  Since milk is a pretty basic staple for most families, I find Walmart’s pricing very surprising considering all the hype about how great it is that they are offering organic food in their stores.

So, if you are on a limited income but still want to transition to organic milk, then don’t count on Walmart to give you the best price. They didn’t for me in Lafayette, Colorado!

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Katherine Isacks, Registered Dietitian, LLC

6 Responses

  1. I have checked the price difference between Walmart and Super One which is another store that has organic food in my area. You are right most things are a lot more expensive at Walmart than there. Thanks for the info, as I was only buying organic food from Walmart. Tom
  2. Glad you found my post helpful, Tom. And thanks for reading my blog! Best, Kathy
  3. anna
    Hi, Kathy. Would you be so nice to write a list of organic food what some people could buy in Wal-mart? We are visit USA and would want to eat healthy food (organic) Sorry for my bad English Thanks
    • Hi Anna, I think the organic price comparison probably depends upon area. I live in Boulder County in Colorado - and we have a lot of great organic foods/food products to choose from. Where I live, I have noticed that the best organic food prices are either at King Soopers/Kroger or Sprouts. After that, Whole Foods, and then very occasionally, a good sale at Alfalafas. Walmart has the best prices on most packaged foods but I have never found any organic food/produce to beat out the King Soopers price across the street. But that is just my experience. Visit supermarkets and natural markets in your area too and start noting prices for organic products you typically purchase. You might find 2 trips reaonable - one for your organics at one store, and then another trip for more basics that are more budget-friendly. Let me know what you find out! Best, Kathy
  4. robert
    According to Whole Foods has the gallon organic milk at 4.99 now not 5.29. Safeway has the gallon organic milk at 5.29.
    • Hi Robert, thanks for the website regarding pricing. The prices I listed in my blog post were only valid for the Walmart and area markets where I live. Plus, I wrote that blog post a few years ago!