Here are some comments from clients I've worked with.


I first met with Kathy when my doctor suggested I lose some weight and try to lower my triglycerides. To be honest, I was nervous about meeting with a dietician, but Kathy immediately put me at my ease. She went over my diet and made some concrete suggestions for improvements to the recipes I already used. Some were simple ingredient switches; others were recommendations for healthier products that might work as a replacement. She also worked with me on appropriate portion sizes. I was so happy and relieved to discover that her guidelines where easy to follow. Best of all, my family adjusted easily to the changes in our diet; no doubt we’re all healthier now. Kathy was incredibly supportive throughout my journey. Her knowledge and professionalism was apparent at every turn. I would not hesitate to visit with her again.

Knowing that I was struggling with dietary issues, a friend recommended that I contact Kathy, because she is a professional dietitian. Now I’m more than happy to spread that recommendation! I’m an active, slender 70+ year-old. After an unexpected diagnosis of prediabetes, my medical provider sent me to a nutrition class.  The whole emphasis was on losing weight and starting to exercise. The low-carb restrictions were severe, and I was indeed losing weight—not the right thing for my health. Kathy showed me a better path, tailored to my needs. She shared current research on prediabetes and its links to aging and heredity so that I had a clear perspective on my situation. Best of all, she outlined and illustrated a far more sensible and livable way to manage my diet. My A1C results have improved, and I’m able to enjoy my food and my life while lessening risk. Thank you, Kathy!


My weight is normal; I eat the right foods and I exercise, yet my A1C is in the pre-diabetic range. After meeting with Katherine for 1 hour, she was able to give me three specific actions items which I needed to address.  I am working on those items and am pleased to say that my last A1C test showed improvement.

Kathy is very knowledgeable and supportive of her clients who are struggling to control their weight and Type 2 diabetes. During my three months working with her I was able to reduce my A1C from 9.5 to 6.5 and average blood sugar calculated from the HbA1C from 226 to 140. Additionally, I lost about 9 pounds. While it takes personal commitment on the part of the client, without Kathy’s knowledge, support, encouragement and continuous exchange of information it would not have been possible – at least for me. Thank you.