Knowing that I was struggling with dietary issues, a friend recommended that I contact Kathy, because she is a professional dietitian. Now I’m more than happy to spread that recommendation! I’m an active, slender 70+ year-old. After an unexpected diagnosis of prediabetes, my medical provider sent me to a nutrition class.  The whole emphasis was on losing weight and starting to exercise. The low-carb restrictions were severe, and I was indeed losing weight—not the right thing for my health. Kathy showed me a better path, tailored to my needs. She shared current research on prediabetes and its links to aging and heredity so that I had a clear perspective on my situation. Best of all, she outlined and illustrated a far more sensible and livable way to manage my diet. My A1C results have improved, and I’m able to enjoy my food and my life while lessening risk. Thank you, Kathy!