Resuscitation of my nutrition blog

Dear Readers,

You might have noticed that my blog has been pretty quiet for nearly a year now.  This month (March 2011), I plan to start posting regularly again.

Why did my blog hibernate?

Over the past year, I had three jobs!   I had the fortunate experience of returning to work at the Exempla Diabetes Center but it meant less time for writing my own blog.   Now that I have fewer clinic days scheduled, I have more time.

I have a special interest in diabetes and Celiac disease so I might be posting about those topics quite a bit.  I also enjoy reading in my field, so if a study interests me, I might post a link on my blog and share my thoughts on it.

I also write weekly for MyNetDiary's blog, so if you enjoy my posts then you might want to check out my posts there as well.  The posts are not replicated.

Please feel free to post comments or send me email.



Katherine Isacks, Registered Dietitian, LLC

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