My first blog on food, eating, and Nutrition!

Dear Readers:

I would like this blog to provide useful information that educates as well as entertains.  Sometimes I'll post a recipe or provide a link to another blog that I enjoy.  Or maybe I'll simply rant or rave about a newly published article or research study.  My blog is meant to be informal and hopefully, sometimes funny, but I will always do my best to be accurate and not misrepresent anything. 

I love food - it is one of my joys in life to share good food with friends and family.  Although I do not "push" one form of eating pattern over another, I will occasionally wax poetic about some foods and not others.  Fear not, I usually explain my romance with certain foods.

Let me know what what topics you would like me to write about - within the areas of food, eating, and Nutrition. 

Please do not use this blog in place of medical advice.  You know the score - seek medical advice from your physician, not blogs!

Best -


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  1. Great blog! I'm also a dietitian. You may want to visit - a healthy living community - we are always looking for dietitians to post info.