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I was delighted to find my blog included in the Top 50 Dietician Blogs published last week by “Radiology Technology Schools.”  I reviewed the list and found some blogs that I also read and enjoy.  However, some of my favorite blogs were not on the list.  Here is a quick list of my favorite dietitian, nutrition, and food blogs.  My list is short simply because of time - these are the blogs that I actually read regularly.  


Dietitian & Nutrition Blogs


RDs Weigh In 

Hosted by the American Dietetic Association, this blog includes a variety of topics posted by multiple dietitians. 


Balanced Health and Nutrition 

Rebecca Scritchfield posts regularly about current topics in nutrition.  I find her posts timely, accurate, and well written.


Ask the Dietitian

Laurie Beebe provides information regarding weight loss and nutrition.  I like her no-nonsense approach.   


Food & Cooking Blogs

There are so many good blogs in this category but I simply do not have time to follow them all.  I follow two blogs regularly, mostly because I love their stories and recipes.


Chocolate & Zucchini

I love Clotilde Dusoulier’s lovely foodie blog, replete with photos, “edible idioms,” and recipes.  If you love food and language, then definitely check out this blog.


Manolo’s Food Blog 

Funny, entertaining, and full of recipes, this is a must-read blog for those of you who need to lighten up.  That is, chuckle or laugh…not really a blog for losing weight! 


Reader’s Favorites?

I would love to hear about your favorite blogs!  Please commment. 




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  1. Thanks for recognizing BHN blog! I truly enjoy sharing my take on the latest nutrition developments! Also check out my blogs at and
  2. i like reading food blogs because i am always seeking for new recipes.--*
  3. i always bookmark food blogs becuase i want to look at new recipes.-:-
  4. Thanks for recognizing Manolo's Food Blog. The charming and dapper Mister Henry has moved on to other endeavors, and it's now being written by me. Hope you're still enjoying it!