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Eating Healthy with Diabetes™ – Supermarket Tours Starting in March!

Is food shopping a headache because you are not sure what to buy to help control your diabetes?  Or maybe you struggle to shop for someone else who has diabetes or prediabetes?  Problem solved!  Stop guessing and start learning how to shop healthier for diabetes.  Take the free Eating Healthy With Diabetes™ supermarket tour at Albertsons supermarkets.

Healthy Eating with Diabetes Albertsons One Touch

Eating Healthy With Diabetes™ supermarket tour is free and is being offered at Albertsons supermarkets in the United States.  In Colorado, this includes both Albertsons and Safeway stores.  The tour is sponsored by One Touch™ - the company that makes those great blood glucose meters.  So a big shout-out to them for making the tours possible.

 The FREE 2-hour walking grocery store tour will include:

  • 30 minutes with the store’s pharmacist
    • Overview of diabetes and diabetes prevention
    • Tips for blood glucose checks
  • 90 minutes with the dietitian/diabetes educator
    • How to read food labels
    • Carb counting
    • Plate Method for controlling carbs without counting
    • Veggies, fruit, meat/fish, dairy, bread, and more
    • Tips for controlling calories
    • Tips for making heart healthy choices

Please wear comfortable walking shoes for the tour – we will be walking or standing for the tour.

 How Do I Sign Up for the Tour?

Although the supermarket tour is free, register ahead of time since space is limited.  For a list of tours in your area and to register, please go to  or call 1-877-728-6655.

 Tours in the Denver/Metro Colorado

I’m happy to announce that I will be your tour guide for a whole bunch of tours in the Denver/metro area.  Here is a list of stores that I will be leading, along with the store’s pharmacist.  The stores are sorted by area first.

Denver:  Safeway, 560 Corona Street, Denver, CO  80218 --Wednesday March 2 @ 5 pm with Jamie Peter as your pharmacist.

Denver:  Safeway, 6440 East Yale Ave, Denver, CO 80222 --Wednesday April 20 @ 2 pm with Caleb Burkitt as your pharmacist.

Golden:  Safeway, 1701 Jackson Street, Golden, CO  80401 --Thursday April 14 @ 10 am with Brian Guberud as your pharmacist.

Lakewood:  Safeway, 9160 West Colfax Ave, Lakewood, CO  80215 --Wednesday April 6 @ 4 pm with Caleb Burkitt as your pharmacist.

Littleton:  Safeway, 8355 N Rampart Range Rd, Littleton, CO  80125 --Wednesday April 27 @ 3 pm with Deborah Swartz as your pharmacist.

Thornton:  Albertsons, 3840 East 104th Ave, Thornton, CO  80233 --Saturday April 30 @ 10 am with Caleb Burkitt as your pharmacist.

Food Choices

Healthy eating is not just for diabetes – it’s for all people, young and old.  Eating Healthy for Diabetes™ tour is a great way to learn more about foods as well as how to make smarter decisions about foods.

Non-starchy Veggies

You will also learn about the Plate Method as a way to control carbs without carb counting.  It’s also an easy way to balance your plate so that you feel full while controlling calories, carbs, and your blood glucose.

As I was picking out veggies at my local Safeway, I thought about how delicious the foods would be in my meal that night.  And since I follow a carb controlled eating plan myself, I know a lot of tricks and tips for diabetes meal planning.  For instance, did you know that fresh carrots and beets, despite tasting sweet, are considered “non-starchy” veggies?  That is, a serving does not have to be counted as a carb.  Non-starchy veggies (pretty much all veggies except for potatoes, peas, corn, and winter squash) can be a very affordable, easy way to fill up your plate.

Sweet Peppers (Isacks)

Sometimes I find that people spend a fortune on citrus fruit out of season because they think that is the only way to get vitamin C.  Did you know that many veggies contain more vitamin C than oranges?  For instance, one medium sweet pepper contains about 96 mg of vitamin C – about 40% more vitamin C than a medium orange!  Hot peppers, sweet peppers, and broccoli are all very high in vitamin C.  And vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant anti-inflammatory – great for diabetes.

LF Ice Cream (Isacks)

And yes, of course we will talk about sweets and how to fit those in. Some choices are easier to fit in than others.


One Touch VerioIQ Meter (Isacks)

And thanks again to One Touch™ for sponsoring these tours!

I am so much looking forward to these tours and hope to see you there!  Come to the tour with questions!

Best regards,


Katherine Isacks, MPS, RDN, CDE

Brilliant Eating, LLC

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