Food Choices Make a Difference

Make your selections count,
whether you're eating to maintain or lose weight,
or whether you just want to make healthier additions to your daily diet.

Fresh Is Best When Selecting Your Foods

Kathy can teach you what to have on hand
and which will provide you the best
nutritional results for your goals.

Nutritional Guidance, Expert Support

Kathy Isacks provides you with all the steps and
help you need to make the very best
nutritional choices for your life and body.

Prepping Food Ahead of Time

It's the secret weapon that helps
us make better nutritional choices each day!

Improve Your Food I.Q.

Learn what foods nourish,
which ones help you,
and which ones should be left out of your nutritional plan.


Welcome to Brilliant Eating!

My focus is wellness and disease risk reduction via healthful food choices, physical activity, and weight control. I provide information and consulting on how to change key behaviors to maximize health and reduce risk of common chronic diseases related to nutrition and lifestyle (such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and certain types of cancer). I'm also a certified diabetes educator.

I am passionate about nutrition education since I feel that it empowers individuals to take control of their health and thrive. I use an interactive approach to educate groups and individuals about nutrition and weight control.

  • Kay

    I first met with Kathy when my doctor suggested I lose some weight and try to lower my triglycerides. To be honest, I was nervous about meeting with a dietician, but Kathy immediately put me at my ease. She went over my diet and made some concrete suggestions for improvements to the recipes I already…

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  • MaryAnna D.

    Knowing that I was struggling with dietary issues, a friend recommended that I contact Kathy, because she is a professional dietitian. Now I’m more than happy to spread that recommendation! I’m an active, slender 70+ year-old. After an unexpected diagnosis of prediabetes, my medical provider sent me to a nutrition class.  The whole emphasis was…

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  • Carol

    My weight is normal; I eat the right foods and I exercise, yet my A1C is in the pre-diabetic range. After meeting with Katherine for 1 hour, she was able to give me three specific actions items which I needed to address.  I am working on those items and am pleased to say that my…

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  • Ken G.

    Kathy is very knowledgeable and supportive of her clients who are struggling to control their weight and Type 2 diabetes. During my three months working with her I was able to reduce my A1C from 9.5 to 6.5 and average blood sugar calculated from the HbA1C from 226 to 140. Additionally, I lost about 9…

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  • Bee S.

    I am very excited to recommend Katherine Isacks as an excellent Registered Dietician. I have worked with Katherine when I was trying to lose weight and again when I was having severe stomach issues. I find that she is extremely knowledgeable and is one of those people who want to explain things to you in…

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  • Rebecca F.

    I needed and wanted help to lose weight and develop a healthy lifestyle in a doable manner. It was very important to me that I contact a Dietician since I knew the person would have earned a four-year degree in dietetics or nutritional sciences from an accredited college and complete a regulated internship in the…

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It's important you get to know me and feel comfortable with my training, experience and background. Please download my resume and see my professional history and how it fits with your nutritional goals.

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